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The Beginning. [Sep. 25th, 2009|07:50 pm]
We are fabulous retards
You are right there at The Beginning! This is where most things start, unless you are one of those unconventional people who read from the middle for some ungodly reason.

This Beginning, though, is somewhat special. This Beginning guarantees a smile out of you by The End or we'll happily refund you all the money you paid for this! None, technically, but you can't blame a woman for hedging her bets.

This Beginning began quaintly enough, right where you are, in front of your laptop, just surfing the internet, when lo and behold, the great Pop Up of Fate sprung up much like Shikamaru doesn't! It is a great, SHINY Pop Up of Fate.

You have a moment of inspiration that fills you like nothing else. It has spoken to you in cheap GIF animation. Embark upon your mystical quest for the holy, magical, incredible, amazing, mysterious and other adjectives, SPECIAL ARTIFACT THINGIE!

You know what you must do.

Will you?
B. Take a plane!
C. Eat some cheesy poofs.
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